Dracula’s Benign Companion

4″ x 6″ linocut on card stock with
black, water soluble, Speedball ink.

Poetry Becomes Philosophy

Ezra Pound has triumphed after all. That
crazy old man and his syncopating fans
succeeded when the rhetoric of guns
and communism failed. The Shining Path
has not been taken. The revolution
succeeded after all. Rabbi Ezra
has led the chosen through the wilderness
and gained the promised land for everyone.
The proletariat has risen in
their might; confronting Dimsdales with their “P’s.”
Their flood has fertilized the literature
and now the modern poet, Everyman;
eschews confining meter, scansion, rime.
That hoary frost has melted and it’s Spring!
The fleurs du mal are blooming. It is time
to discard faded glories. Hail the king!

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