During the Perseids

3 1/2″ x 5″ hard ground etching
on Arches Cover with Daniel Smith black etching ink

A water ouzel dips beneath the stars
Its empty belly drives its heart and mind.
A water strider, mayfly nymph or grub
contains the world; is life, philosophy,
religion, wealth. The native roses grow
along the edges of the stream and bloom
and aren’t disturbed. The moon is shattered and
the fragments glitter in the silent night. Posted by Picasa

Du Fu Revisited

3 1/2″ x 5″ hard and soft ground etching
on Arches Cover with black, Daniel Smith ink

Along the shore line
fine grasses sway.
The ship’s mast towers
into the solitary night.
settle over
the wild, flat lands
the ship once passed.
The moon may leap
over this great, black, flowing river
but the ship will never sail again.
How do I make another start?
I am to old
to quit
these offices I’ve held.
on a river of forgetfulness:
one seagull and the moon. Posted by Picasa

At a Terrace Table

3 1/2″ x 5″ drypoint etching
on Arches Cover with Daniel Smith black ink

At a Terrace Table

The candle flame, fractured in the cut-glass urn,
was slowly drowning in the molten wax.
Her fingers twirled a strand of auburn hair
that had spun a spider’s web of softness
at her neck. “I just don’t know what you want.
I don’t know how you want me to reply.”
She looked at him a little longer. “You
have made it very difficult for me.”
She paused a moment, staring at the flame;
and through reflections in the window pane
she saw the rusted iron lily by
the pond and saw her blackened hands gesture.
“You just don’t know how hard it is for me.
I wish you’d understand.” The goldfish gasped
for air and swam in aimless circles in
the algae covered pond. Transparent hands
began to smooth the linen table cloth. Posted by Picasa


Drypoint on Rives BFK with Daniel Smith black ink


flying one sided figure
eights with gatling guns
blazing asynchronous,
blasting away their propellers;
they spin uncontrollably
down and around.
Mobius flyboys,
clarify violence.
Indexed with chaos,
heretical . . . (burning)
beginning again
they are Posted by Picasa