Naked Maja

5″ x 7″ cherrywood block print on Somerset
with Graphic Chemical vine black ink.

Naked Maja


The alcove hidden underneath the stair

was now her home. She’d placed a narrow bed

against the kitchen wall and she would sleep

surrounded by her mirrors.


Daddy took

the picture. They were staying at the beach

the day she would have graduated. She’s

reclining on a beach towel with her right

hand shading out the sun. “You’ve got the air

of Madame Fauntleroy,” her father said,

“and carry on with every no good creep.

You got to settle down; become a cook,

or something steady, sure.”


She held a peach

between her teeth and grinned at him. The trees

behind her held their future. “We just might

be in the clear this year. If we take care

of them, they’ll care for us. Just tilt your head

a little to the side. You are too deep

in shadow. Catch the sun.” It seemed a hook

would always jerk the future from her reach

when it was in her grasp. A late Spring freeze

destroyed the crop.


She quickly stole a bite

of cheesecake and she giggled. Would he dare

to tell her once again she moved her head?

She’d laughed and threatened, “Take a flying leap!

I’ll eat or you can paint another. Look,

you know the meaning of the phrase, ‘To each

his own?'” She laughed at him. The Summer breeze

was soft on naked skin, and in that light

she felt resplendent.


Pinning up her hair

for bed, she listened while her husband fed

himself and climbed the stair. She pushed a heap

of unwashed clothes, her curling iron and book

on to the floor. Too bad you couldn’t teach

me Daddy. Guess I just can’t seem to please

anyone. Good night my dear, good night.

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