Chaucer portrait

As a Chaucer collector I sometimes find unusual and unknown (to me) objects related to Chaucer or his works. A recent acquisition in this category is a nineteenth century painting purported to be of Chaucer by an unknown artist. I have been able to find nothing about it. If you are familiar with this painting and can tell me anything about it I would appreciate it very much.

Carving up my new floor

My new floor has a tree growing out of it . . . or at least that’s what I’m telling people. Actually my new, vinyl floor is still sitting in boxes waiting for it to be installed. But since I got more flooring than I will need for my studio, I decided to use some of it for a print of the curly willow growing right outside. This is an experiment since I have never made a print from vinyl blocks nor made a print using multiple blocks, but the benefit of doing something brand new outweighs the risks. This will be the best print with multiple colors and the best print made from vinyl I will have ever done, and how often does anyone get to honestly say that something is the best they’ve ever done?

From a subjective viewpoint, I think vinyl is a little harder to carve than linoleum and (except for its homogenous, grain-free nature) about the same as carving cherry wood.