If April showers bring May flowers, what does a June rain bring?

Katy dancing with her bear

It was raining last night. For those who do not live in Southern California, a little rain in June won’t seem like any big deal, but since I live in an area that does not usually get any measurable rain between April and November it is a wonderful way to start the day. The day got even better when I got a call that my print, “October Afternoon” was one of three prints to sell at the Santa Barbara Printmaker’s Ojai Show. So today I’m playing the piano–something I usually do very badly, planting flowers–even if planting season is supposed to be over, and pulling prints that will register properly. I’m on a roll! The Solstice Exchange group even chose my print, “A Naked Maja” as the best print of their last exchange.

The wailing and complaining, the whining and the gnashing of teeth, the moans and groans, and the eating of worms are going to have to take a number and wait. There is nothing I can complain about today.

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