Changing Seasons—1

5″ x 7″ woodblock print on Stonehenge paper
with Graphic Chemical ink.
Framed $135

Ecclesiastes, Pete Seegar, The Byrds, and Bob Dylan, all tell us there is a season for everything. What they don’t tell us is how long a season lasts before it changes. The post-modern mindset would shrug and respond, “Who’s to say?” as if there is no real answer to the question or that any answer is as good as any other because there an impossibility of coming up with a definitive answer. But since we are supposed to be in a post-post modern period, perhaps it is possible to come up with an answer for this lily of the field. What are the ways its bloom is as ephemeral as the flower that generated its design? Has paper and ink changed the length of its season?

And changing to another subject, I was recently introduced to and decided that not only would I have a blog, I would have a (possibly never finished) web site at:

So even though I don’t Twitter and I don’t know how my Facebook page works, or even how to access it, perhaps I am not really a troglodyte or even a candidate for the Flat Earth Society.