My Best Ever Engraving

3″ x 5″ wood block engraving

The Center for the Book in San Francisco offered another wonderful class last weekend. This time it was a class in wood engraving with Rik Olson as the instructor. Rik is an absolutely first-rate instructor, and I have been assured that I can be just as good as he is if I only work at my engraving every day for the next forty years. This is the print I was able to complete during the workshop. It is without a doubt the best engraving I have ever done!

I have ordered a bunch of engraving tools, and I am waiting very impatiently for them to arrive so I can start work on another engraving.

5 thoughts on “My Best Ever Engraving

  1. RobertAlways glad to hear that you are not yet a master (in your own eyes) as this gives me encouragement (I'm the guy several miles behind you!). Please understand: I treasure the prints of yours which I have — they teach me!As for impatience and engraving, that's your oxymoron of the day – learning to be patient while waiting for engraving tools is part of the engraving learning curve. (Just a tease, my friend!)Keep up your terrific work.I love your print.Oscar

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