Taken from the Hana Highway

8″ X 8″ oil on canvas–$150

If I was a real environmentalist I would not only agree with but passionately espouse and defend the idea that when we are visiting beautiful places like the Hana Highway in Maui we should take only pictures and leave only footprints. Unfortunately I’m afraid I have to disagree. There are, and should be, loop holes that must be taken advantage of. And even though I am accused of acting like Attila the Hun and engaging in scourge-of-the-earth behavior, more than just photographs sometimes demand to be taken. After all, how does it diminish the Hana Highway or any natural wonder if a painting or sculpture or some other piece of art is taken away?

“Ah!” you say. “What if it is a lousy painting or a cruddy sculpture?”

“Well then,” I say, “the environmentalists should trip over themselves singing the artist’s praises because those who look at that piece of tripe might think the original source equally without merit and so stay away.”

So take away, take away everything you can when you are on vacation, and help save and beautify the earth.

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