It’s just Spring

4″x6″ linocut on Somerset paper with vine black Graphic Chemical ink

The quiet of the naked trees release

The spores of pity. Chevrons, white and red,

From blackbirds flash. Mechanicals are still.

Ascending from a silent fairy land

Life groans, gripped by winter that has overstayed

Its times. The ceanothus pushes out

Against a past where Arthur and Sir Gawain

Are holding still beneath the meadow oaks—

Burnt alarums shutter thought, and time

Is needed to release the anger, pain

While redbuds, dogwoods struggle for the sun.

Wait, oppressive, suffocates the hope

That struggles trapped beneath a shattered land.

This print and poem are for an artists’ book on war and peace
being put together by the Central Coast Printmakers.

Late Alberta Peaches

4″x8″ pear wood block on Somerset paper with Graphic Chemical ink.
Embossed and hand colored.

Adding a little veridian green to brown seems to result in a black print rather than a greenish-brown print. It looked the way I wanted it too when I pulled the prints, but they dried black. I wonder if adding some extender will give me the effect I want.

An Italian Green Man

8″x12″ hand colored wood block print on BFK Rives paper.

This print is for an upcoming exhibit, “Who Do We Think We Are?” at the Studios on the Park in Paso Robles. This is my first print using Swiss pear wood for the block. I have been looking for pear wood for years, and now I have a five to ten year supply. It is denser than cherry and carves beautifully because it holds a line superbly and cleanly. After using it for this print, I can understand why it is the preferred wood for block prints.

On a personal note, I only have to become a toxic chemical dump three more times! Life is good.