Dive Bomber

5″ x 6″ cherry wood block print

At one time there was a hummingbird feeder close to our patio.  Things were just fine as long as the feeder was kept full, but if it was empty the hummers would either hover a couple of feet over my head while I was sitting on the patio and yell at me or would engage in aerial acrobatics and behave like miniature dive bombers telling me in no uncertain terms that they were very unhappy their feeder was empty.

Storm in the Estuary

4 3/4″  x 2 3/4″ wood engraving on South American Boxwood
This abstract is another experiment.  This is the first time I have used South American Boxwood; also known as Degame, Yellowwood, and probably a number of other names.  The wood does engrave beautifully and has a wonderful yellow color.  I played with this as a comparison/companion to the linocut, Night Heron after Bewick.

Night Heron after Bewick

3″x3″ linocut with Graphic Chemical bone black ink
I wanted to see how much detail I could achieve on linoleum using my 1mm V gouge, and this experimental print based on a Thomas Bewick engraving is the result.  I guess now I will have to stop saying that I can achieve finer detail on  cherry wood or pear wood than I can on linoleum.