In Praise of crappy tools

The best tools are the best for a reason, but even the best, most expensive tools are no good if they are not razor sharp.  This set of six tools was about $10 on eBay.  As manufactured, they might be able to cut a butter sculpture if the butter was soft.  When they arrived, they were only roughly ground and totally useless.  But the spoon gouge on the left was the size and shape I needed so I bought the set.  I then reground and sharpened it with my WorkSharp until it had the mirror finish needed to cut black cherry blocks cleanly and easily.  Although it started life as an ugly duckling, the quality of the steel seems to be good since it cuts well and is capable of holding an edge.  Eventually I will also clean up, sharpen, and make the rest of the set usable.  And if none of them turned out to be usable, I would have only been out $10, and I still would have had a set of tools to practice my sharpening skills without worrying I was going to ruin a $30 pfeil gouge!

Before and after sharpening

Before and after sharpening

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