Tomatoes are so very yesterday

Tomatoes are so very yesterday.

I mean, who ever really fell in love

With them except the crazies over there

In Spain who smash each other with the fruit

Until the streets run red. I’m over them.

The deadly night shade’s cousin might as well

Forget it if it thinks I’ll once again

Experiment with twenty different kinds

The catalogues each promise are the best:

“The wonder of the west!”

“The very best!”

“It’s extra early. Sixty days from seed

to plate!”

“The fruit’s at least a half a pound!”

“A pound!”



“A single fruit will feed

the multitude!”


“Save the earth

by planting seed we grow organically!”


The earth can die; pollution reign supreme.

The catalogs are going in the trash

Before I buy their empty promises

Again. I will be disciplined, restrained.

I’ll only grow enough to feed me for a year

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