How Many Fruit Trees?

How many fruit trees does it take to fed

A family of three? You wouldn’t think

The number would be very great at all.

A tree or two. Perhaps a nectarine.

And if you dare to eat a peach, a peach.

A plum, an apricot, an apple, pear;

Perhaps persimmon, quince, and durinan.

I know. I know. But when you dream, dream big.

Plant cherimoyas next to oranges, limes,

And lemon trees. And olives! Don’t forget

You need a bunch of them for eating, oil,

And making soap. And pomegranates too.

Noah was a piker. Two by two.

For each variety you’ll need to plant

At least a couple, maybe three or four

For pollination, different cultivars.

It’s obvious to me I need more trees.

I’m only growing forty-seven now.

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