The Hundred-Thousand-Dollar Lawn

Retirement advisors always say

Start early socking small amounts away

Each month, and after forty years or so

You’ll be amazed at what you’ve put away.

Instead of banks, I put my money in

A ragged carpet: Grass, and gopher holes.

It didn’t cost so very much at all.

A little seed I sprinkled over dirt.

Some water. That was all it took. I thought.

Or didn’t think. A gardener was cheap.

It was a cost I could afford. Besides,

I didn’t want to cut the grass myself.

I hated grass. It’s simply empty space

That’s grown for neighbors, for the neighbor’s sake

So people driving by won’t think of me

As a degenerate and lazy bum;

The ruination of the neighborhood.

It wasn’t much to have another cut

The grass each month: A hundred bucks. Then two.

We didn’t miss it then. It would be nice

If we could have the money back again

But now the grass is paying dividends,

Sort of. While others walk the fairways at

A hundred bucks a round for exercise,

I walk behind a Toro, cutting grass

I would remove if I had any brains.

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