True Wizardy

Magicians prestidigitations awe

And mystify. How do they do it? How?

Their slight of hand and misdirection

Convinces us that what we see is real.

A woman disappears and is replaced

By someone sitting in the audience,

And I can never figure how it’s done.

But I have tricks Houdini couldn’t match.

Come take a closer look. I wave my arms.

Recite a magic word or phrase. Today

I think I’ll use “Quotidian”!

I could have used Svengali, applesauce,

Or since the wind is blowing from the south,

Calliope. It doesn’t matter what I say.

It only matters that I wave my arms

And chant. Imagination does the rest.

There’s elephants in tutus beating drums.

Tyrannosaurus Rex appears and sings,

“A wandering minstrel I, a thing of shreds

and patches.” Hummingbirds are dragon sized,

and Baba Yaga is delightful, kind,

and generous to everyone she meets.

Convinced? If not I’ll simply raise my arms

A second time and whisper, “Cascarets’

Cathartic,” and the world as you know it

Will undergo a cataclysmic change.

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