A Master Gardener

A Master Gardener


Weeds are simply plants that don’t belong.

Environmentalists would say that they

Are just as valuable as corn or wheat.

I wonder, would they give them equal space

Among their roses, daffodils, and kale?

Should dandelions be protected plants?

Valerian? stinging nettle? spurge?

My garden beds are overrun with weeds.

Oxalis, pigweed, wild mustard grow

Alongside  bearded iris, cone flowers,

Hibiscus.  Still, I wonder if I should

Be practicing a more traditional

Approach to gardening and pull the weeds.

But then again, it certainly would help

My back, and I could say, if anyone

Should ask, “My garden’s ecologically

Balanced. Nothing’s where it shouldn’t be.

I don’t have weeds. I’ve only plants God made.

And everything’s as God intended.” There!

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