I’ve Stolen All the World’s Bees

The honey locust’s blooming and the bees

Are out in force. This isn’t Innisfree.

I don’t live alone in this bee-loud glade.

They can’t be bothered with me underneath

Their tree. It’s harvest time for them. And me?

I guess it’s also harvest time for me.

I’m harvesting the pollen of the day.

It’s early Spring. A gentle sun is warm

And not oppressive like it is in June.

Calendulas have volunteered again

A ragged carpet yellow, orange, and red.

Zebrinas are a couple weeks away

And four o’clocks have barely started here,

But they’re on China time so what would you

Expect. They’ll open with the dawn and bloom

All day until the afternoon then close.

The accidental forest’s waking up.

It’s time to weed, and dig, and plant, and rest.

One thought on “I’ve Stolen All the World’s Bees

  1. I like this very much — it’s wonderful read aloud, especially all of the assonance in the first several lines (bees, me, Innisfree, tree…) And the calendula couplet is gorgeous.

    (I’m doing daily NaPoWriMo blogging too but Typepad is temporarily down, thanks to a DDoS attack — hoping to post today’s poem as soon as my blog server is back up again!)

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