Here There Be Monsters

Of course they are the ordinary kind

Of monsters. Not the kind that you would find

Beneath your bed. A horror film with one

Of these would gross about a hundred bucks

And only that if people came to see

It by mistake. Mosquitoes twenty feet

In length? Perhaps a quarter inch instead.

An army of marauding army ants

Each bigger than the army’s Sherman tank?

Unfortunately, no. A single ant

Is crawling randomly around the floor.

A little pressure from a finger tip

And he’d be gone. There are no vampires, ghosts,

Or werewolves here. The monsters that surround

Me are completely different. Don’t you see

Them? They are all around me, everywhere!

You needn’t use a microscope or steal

A magnifying glass from Sherlock Holmes.

You don’t believe me? All you have to do

Is look, and you will see them for yourself.

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