An April Pilgrimage

So who would think a cataclysmic change

Was coming just for them? I’m listening

To Joan Baez, remember her and when

She was the hottest thing around? And then

The bubble burst and Folk was out of date.

The other day I heard about the pros

Who rake in millions playing children’s games

And that, when all the adulation stops,

It only takes a couple years before

They find that all their money’s disappeared.

Who was it said, “Count no man happy who

Is still alive”? So where does that leave me?

Surrounded by my books and fruit trees should

I be content, be happy with my life,

Or should I worry everything could change;

Tomorrow find that yesterday is gone?

The pleasure is perverse in doing so;

And even though it’s April and I know

The land is dead while lilacs bloom, I choose

To follow eddieandbill. It is Spring

And marbles and piracy are more fun

Than worrying. Besides, I’ve weeds to pull.

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