Organic Gardening

Well, yesterday was spent in pulling weeds,

And digging weeds, and getting rid or rocks.

And why? So I can grow organically

Some stupid plants who’d die without my help;

Without the extra fertilizer, care,

And water that they need to live and grow.

The fertilizer is organic, so

Don’t tell me that I am a hypocrite

For saying I’m organic. Well, I am.

It isn’t cheating. You would have to be

A nut, a leftist nutcase if you thought

It was. I mean, come on. Just read the bag.

It says it is organic on the bag.

“Our freshly aged manure balanced by

the perfect ratio of N.P.K.

to make your plants the envy of your friends.”

And next, I guess, you will be telling me

The little Roundup that I use to kill

The stubborn weeds . . . I know. I know.

It’s not organic either. Well it is.

It says right here it will degrade. So there.

Don’t say I’m not organic, ‘cause I am.

Just look at all the weeds I pulled by hand.

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