ArtFest 2014

Well, wish me luck. Tomorrow I will be

At ArtFest. It is at the downtown park

In Paso Robles. If you come you’ll see

Me giving interactive demonstrations

On carving and designing wood block prints

To tens of thousands. (I exaggerate

Of course.) There might be some who come to see

The sixty artists and their art. I’ve got

The patter down. I think.

“Come one and all!

Discover for yourself the pleasure you

Can find in carving wood. Just step right up

And soon, you’ll be amazed what you can do.

The greatest printers in the world will come

To you for inspiration and to learn

What they’ve been doing wrong. And all you need

To spend is thirty minutes. Half an hour.

And surely you can take this little time

To master everything you need to know

About the art of carving, and design,

And inking up the block and pulling prints.”


It might be fortunate that where I’m at

Is off the beaten path, and while the show

Is going on I will be lucky if

Occasionally someone happens by.

And even luckier if all they want

To know is where the porta-potties are.

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