A Liberal Manifesto

It’s April first, and not only is it April Fools Day it is also the first day of National Poetry Writing Month or NaPoWriMo.  The idea is to write a new poem every day in the month of April.  And since it has been April since yesterday in Guam, here is my first poem for NaPoWriMo.

A Liberal Manifesto

I’m not a namby pamby Democrat

who quails at being called a liberal

who says that “No, I merely hold

progressive views.” who wouldn’t want their friends

of a conservative and righteous bent

to ostracize them. Well, my family

and friends are well aware that I am out:

A left-coast pinko hugging owls and trees

who shouts, “Protect the spotted, green banana slugs!”

Their slime just might supply a cancer cure.”

Why I am even so far left that I

believe that women ought to have the right

to vote, and children ought to be in school

and not be working for a buck an hour.

I want to drink the water from my tap

and breathe clean air. And if a billionaire

will only make another hundred mil

instead of billions more, well, c’est la vie.

Destroyer of American ideals!

That’s me. A forty hour week? Well, yes.

And equal pay for equal work? Of course.

Why I am so far left I even think

our founding fathers screwed the pooch when they

decided slavery was legal here.


3 thoughts on “A Liberal Manifesto

  1. This is an impassioned rant and very interesting but I maintain that it is really a prose paragraph broken up with irregular line spacing.

    Your linocuts are excellent BTW.

    • I actually feel that this is a compliment. If the meter is hidden enough that the poem sounds like a piece of prose then I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. For me the trick is to use a formal structure that doesn’t sound like a formal structure.

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