That’s Life

You know how when you get it right you feel

Like celebrating, feel like you’re the king,

The best, a dragon slayer, conqueror

Of armies, capable of anything?

Well that was me when, yesterday, I pulled

A six inch iris from my newest block.

It was a print an expert could have made,

And I had made it. Carved from MDF,

The detail I’d achieved astonished me.

And after looking at it for awhile

There only were a couple lines that I’d

Retract. I’d made a minor masterpiece.

Picasso and daVinci’d be in awe

If they could see what I’d created. Me!

And then, this morning, Pinterest arrived

With other email telling me I might

Be interested in a couple sites

Of people who’ve collected wood block prints.

I clicked the first of six sites new to me.

And there they were—a web of images

Entrapping my pretentions. Each of them

Was better than the masterpiece I’d made

And showed I was a journeyman at best;

And probably a hack, a wannabe,

A fool to ever think I could be great.

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