Drivel Keeps Me Up

This getting up at three o’clock is for

The birds. And why? A line about the moon;

The stupid, stupid moon is bugging me.

“The moon who’s piercing beams disturb the night

And shatters sleep.” I’m certain Shakespeare wrote

It, but it’s three o’clock. I could be wrong.

It could be Poe who wrote about the moon.

“The moon never beams without bringing me dreams.”

Or nightmares. Isn’t this the witching hour?

Or is it midnight? Never mind. The moon’s

The thing that turns us into lunatics.

And stupid poets writing stupid lines

About that crater ravaged, haggard face

Of doom that will not let me go to sleep.

What is the line? Is it romantic crap

With moon and June and spoon that vomits up

A swill of trite and hackneyed phrases? What’s

The stupid line? And was it Chaucer, Blake,

Or Byron? Byron wrote it! He’s the one.

I’ve never liked his poetry. Or him.

Byronic and moronic. Perfect rhyme.

This loss of sleep is all Lord Byron’s fault.

If only I’d remember what he said

About the moon I’m sure I’d go to sleep.

Or maybe it was Tennyson or Frost.

One thought on “Drivel Keeps Me Up

  1. too funny. dreaming about your work is supposed to cut down on work time the next day. If you really were up at 3, my apologies to your red eyes, but it did produce this sparkling gem.

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