Juror Number One

Of course I’m not a lawyer, but I think

They really ought to have to take a class

Or two in structuring an argument,

In how to teach and get a point across.

I really shouldn’t have to wonder why

A lawyer’s droning on about a kid

Who doesn’t seem related to the case

Supposedly I’m sitting here to hear.

Who cares if he is two or three or five,

If he is three feet tall or if he is

A little more or less? He isn’t charged

With any crime. You aren’t defending him.

Perhaps a class or two on how to teach,

On how to organize your thoughts would help.

It’s been two days. There has to be a point

To all of this. There has to be a point.

Perhaps you get a bonus if your time

Exceeds the maximum allotted to

The case. Or maybe you are practicing

Your speaking skills to run for alderman

And want to show the people that you care

For kids. Well I don’t care a flying fig

About the kid. I was empanelled to

Decide a misdemeanor, if a crime

Had been committed. You’ve convinced me that

There has. Who cares about your client. You’re

The one I really want to put in jail.

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