Bean Counters

Who cares if anyone’s still counting beans?

Now freedom of expression is the rage,

and it’s important that you break the mould,

and no one wants to stay within the lines

because an artist must be free to fly,

experiment, and to express himself,

or herself, free of all extraneous

restraints for spontaneity is key

when painting or when writing poetry.

It doesn’t matter how a nun may feel

about her convent’s narrow room or if

a hermit is contented in his cell.

A poet is a prisoner when forced

to follow any rhythm but his own.

For after all, a poem’s anything

and everything a poet says it is.

Da dum, da dum, da dum, da dum is dumb!

There’s no one left who still is counting bean

except for those whose souls are shriveled up

and are without an ounce of poetry

that anyone will ever care to hear.

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