When you’re infected by the Wacko News

there is a simple cure. You only need

to change the channel. Effort’s minimal.

And all the strident, talking heads are gone.

The “experts” spewing hate, the simpletons

who parrot what the teleprompters say,

the hollow skulls with pretty, painted lips

and drop dead gorgeous skin and hair are gone.

But is another channel just as bad?

It might be better. What if it is worse?

On channel three you get, “Religion’s Right!

Forget about your bible. Truth is here,

and only we can save your mortal souls.”

Another channel says that scientists

are wrong. No matter what the question is

the scientists are wrong. “Just step outside

tomorrow morning. You will see it’s cold . . .

at least it’s colder than this afternoon.

That proves that climate change is just a hoax!”

Another channels says that left is right.

Perhaps the Wacko News infection now

has spread until it is ubiquitous

and we will never hear the truth again.

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