A low fat snickerdoodle’s worth a try.

There only is a single gram of fat

in every cookie says the recipe.

But cream of tartar, what the heck is that?

“Scrapings from the barrel when making wine” . . .

at least so Google says. And I’m supposed

to put it in my cookie dough? It sounds

like Russian horsemen on the steppes

attacking villagers and pillaging.

The cupboard’s bare of anything like that.

But baking powder can be used instead.

The villagers are safe. Great. Everything

I need for snickerdoodles is right here.

“Put sugar, softened butter in a bowl”

Does that mean leave the butter in the sun

or can I nuke it in the microwave?

It would be nice to have a recipe

that was precise, that said exactly what

was wanted here. Am I in India

and making ghee? Is soft in Iceland just

the same as soft would be in Borneo?

“And mix. Then add the flour and the rest,

and mix again. Refrigerate the mess.”

I’ve got it. Cookies will be served for lunch.

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