Peach Leaves

A green I mixed a couple years ago

(I think it has a touch of yellow, red,

and maybe just a little bit of brown);

and over that a muddy, yellow glaze,

and over that a thinned out ugly brown.

The leaves are done. It really shouldn’t work.

I only know it does. An ugly mix

of colors that I ought to throw away

and peach leaves glow. The watercolor’s done.

I wish that everything would work as well.

You’ve got a neighbor that you really hate?

Well mix him with the eyesore down the street.

And the result? A sculpture garden grows.

It doesn’t matter if it’s gardening,

lasagna, or a television show.

The trick is always in the mix and how

the parts are mixed together. Do it wrong

and all you’ve got is just a muddy mess.

But just for now I think I got it right.

2 thoughts on “Peach Leaves

    • Thanks for your interest. If you go to the April 2015 and April 2014 pages of my web site you will find poems created for NaPoWriM0. It has been some years (decades?) since I have made any real attempt to publish. I will have to be satisfied with one poetry chap book and a bunch of published poems.

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