Compassionate Justice

It’s all the fault of caterpillars in

Brazil. If only we could wipe them out

there’d never be another butterfly

who’d flap its wings disturbing everything.

A hurricane in Maine? You know the cause.

A butterfly along the Amazon

decided it would give an extra flap

before it settled on a flower to eat.

The quake in China? Yep. A butterfly’s

the cause. It must have landed extra hard.

Religious strife. You’ve lost your job. The wars.

If only we could kill that butterfly

then all the problems in the world would end.

We’d have to be compassionate of course.

And if you think it’s cruel, it’s not as cruel

as cutting off its wings. We’d be humane.

But after all, it is a murderer.

So if we murdered it it would be right,

and it would surely get what it deserved.

So kill them all because we can’t be sure

exactly who is causing all the world’s ills.

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