May Comes Just in Time

And have you ever wondered what it’s like

to have the adulation of the crowd,

to be the one that everybody wants

to be, the one that everybody envies? Well,

consider for a moment what it’s like.

Consider what you’d lose if it was you.

I don’t imagine what it’s like. I know

what it is like when everyone you know,

and even strangers half a world away,

can tell what you are thinking, what you’ve done

and haven’t done; can share with others all

and everything. It isn’t possible to hide.

And what is worse, I’ve done it to myself.

It’s all my fault, but I can make it stop.

I can and will retreat, will cover up and hide.

No longer will you see me on a pedestal,

a plinth, a soapbox ranting to the world.

And even though, at times, my readers have

been numbered in the upper single digits,

I’m quitting anyway. It’s at an end.

When I was working on a master’s degree it took me a year and a half to write thirty dumb poems to submit as a master’s thesis. And now I’ve written thirty poems just this month. And if I staggered to the end, I did make it to the end The winner isn’t just the one who finishes ahead of everybody else. Everyone who does the impossible wins. At least that’s what I tell myself.

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