A Eucalyptus Grove

Morarch Grove-web

A Eucalyptus Grove

So here’s the deal. An individual,
my father’s father say, decides to move
from where his father lived to start anew
an ocean and a continent away.
Except for his descendants, where they live
and how they live, does anybody care?
His children and his children’s children all
are U.S. citizens. They’ve gone to school,
paid taxes and complained, were veterans,
taught school, bought houses, raised their families here.

But all too often to Americans
he was just one more dirty, worthless wop,
and treated him accordingly. They said
you couldn’t trust him. “After all, you know
where he is from. A Mafioso! Look
at him! Sardinian? Who cares. They’re all
the same. They’ll take our jobs, and all they know
is how to breed like flies and steal and kill.
Why take a chance? Degenerates like him
do not deserve God’s country. Send them back!”

You ever see the eucalyptus grove
before the monarch butterflies arrive?
These dirty migrants from Australia stand
forgotten and abandoned by the world.
But when the migrant monarchs do appear
and migrants mix with migrants then their world,
the universe itself is changed, transformed.

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