I’m on Your Side

If politics is good, then what about

the sleezeball?  What about stupidity

and what it says about democracy

that people want to throw away their vote?

I blame it on the teachers and the schools.

Of course it’s only symptomatic.  What

can you expect?  The other side is full

of crazies, idiots, and simpletons.

They ought to be ashamed.  They never are,

but still they ought to be.  Why can’t they see

the damage to our nation if the fool,

or maybe I should call a spade a spade,

and tell it like it is, that evil ass,

degenerate, abomination wins.

I’m moving to El Salvador or Rome,

the Cayman Islands . . . anywhere but here.

The country and our freedoms will be lost.

I wish I had the power, money, strength

to make the country vote the way it should.


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