One Art


The art of grafting isn’t hard to master

for other people.  It sure is for me.

I’ve tried to use a whip and tongue and grove

But neither seems to guarantee success.

I’ve left the dormant rootstock in the sun

and in the shade.  The scion wood was fresh.

I even got the cambium to match.

It doesn’t matter.  Half the grafts still fail.

St. Julian or Myrobalam? Nope.

And even using Krymsk I don’t success.

The grafts refuse to take, and I am left

with just a cut off stub that pushes out

the rootstock’s dormant buds.  I know they’ll grow

out strong so next year I can try again.

I guess I should just let the rootstocks grow.

At least they’d give me flowers in the Spring.

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