A Bunch of Books–for Susan Yager


So here it is.  A couple thousand books.

Of course the vast majority of them

are all the same or nearly all the same.

I mean they’re all The Canterbury Tales.

Editions and translations over there.

But here, this corner here is what you want.

I think they might be useful.  I don’t know.

I just collect them when the price is right.

I’d rather read the Tales than read about

the Tales.  But then I’m not a scholar. Nope.

I just collect.  But since it’s not been read

it doesn’t really matter when I say

Blind Beasts is science fiction where the beasts

are psychic.  Psycho?  Out to get revenge.

Or how about The Disenchanted Self?

Another science fiction/horror book.

The lame protagonist has lost his life,

and now he tries to ruin everyone

by stealing all their happiness and hope.

The Sovereign Lady is The Wife of Bath

of course.  Well, anyway, I hope you find

them useful.  Yes, I know you’re only here

a week, but still if you’ve got time I’d like

to show you the editions I most prize.

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