Impossible Assignment Number 39


You see this bunch of walnuts in their shells?

You get to pick one.  Any one will do.

It doesn’t matter which you choose

cause superficially they’re all the same,

but only superficially.  You’ll see

when you describe your stupid walnut shell.

Suppose you say, “It’s oval, sort of brown.”

You’re finished?  That is all you have to say?

You have described the walnut perfectly?

Well here’s the trick.  There always is a trick.

When you are finished, put the walnuts back

and mix ‘em up.  Then one by one describe

your walnut to your group.  And if the group

can pick it out from all the other ones,

you win.  And if they can’t, well c’est la vie!

And people in Afghanistan and Chad,

and divers in the Marianna’s Trench

will shake their heads and wonder how it is

that you have failed at such an easy task.

So pick a walnut.  Any one will do

cause just like you, they really aren’t the same.

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