It really isn’t cheating if I stop.

I mean, come on, nobody really cares.

I’m doing it for me and no one else.

It’s not like anyone will ever know,

and the entire point is meaningless.

So why not stop? It’s easier.  And I

can stop.  And I can stop!  AND I CAN STOP!

So why do I continue anyway?

It isn’t like I’m getting anywhere.

I’ll simply write it down and say I’m done

and in a day , a week, a month, a year

I won’t remember that I cheated now.

It’s not like it will matter anyhow.

So quit.  I mean there isn’t anyway

I’ll finish anyway, so why not stop?

It isn’t really cheating if I do

I know I’m only doing it for me.

I mean it isn’t cheating if I stop.

It isn’t cheating.  I am not a cheat.

2 thoughts on “Really?

    • I’m afraid this is what happens when I haven’t anything to say. It’s my normal, middle of the month attitude. The beginning starts off like gangbusters then come the doldrums where it seems like there will never be the end. But soon enough I can see the end and things pick up again,

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