The Perfect Plan

The end results.  I do not understand

the end results.  If everything was planed

for, and the plan was executed well

then I would think the end results would tell

a different story.  After all the plan

was perfect.  We’d agreed on that.  What can

have happened?  Yah.  I know.  I know.

There’s many a slip twix cup and lip.  So

what?  What if there are?  You are not helping me

to figure out the problem.  Don’t you see

I’m not the only one who loses here.

We lose, it won’t be only my career

that’s over.  I’ll be sure to take you down

along with me and everyone in town

will know you’re just as big a crook as me.

You mean to say it will be only me?

I do not understand.  You planned it all.

And now you say you planned I’d take the fall?

You planned it all?  You planned the end results

to pay me back?  To pay for what insults?

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