NaPoWriMo Almanac Questionnaire

Flora: weeds, irises, fruit trees sitting in pots

Mammals/reptiles/fish:  tree frogs, lizards, blue runner snakes, feeder gold fish

Childhood dream: flying/floating can’t get down/lost/dragons

Found on the Street:  money, weeds growing in the cracks, the Grand Canyon flooded

Dress:  who dresses?  women get dressed.  men put on clothes

Hometown memory:  walking home from church past the orange groves/wasps/bees/mud

Outside your window, you find:  a bay laurel and a valley live oak seedling now too big to remove without a permit

Story read to children at night:  Everyone knows what a dragon looks like

You walk three minutes down an alley and you find:  another dimension.  another world.

You walk to the border and hear  mariachis crying

What you fear: being exposed as a fraud


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