A Brand New Masterpiece

Well fine, fine, fine, fine, fine.  I wonder if

you even understand just what is here.

It isn’t just a painting on the wall.

I mean, come on.  Just look at it.  Just look

and tell me you can’t see it; you can’t see

he angst, the heartbreak.  You can’t really see

the turmoil here.  And look at how he’s solved

his contradictory desires and pain.

And over here.  The brush strokes layer on layer.

You’ve never seen such elegance before.

I know you can.  You aren’t just anyone.

You’re educated with a sense of style.

Now tell me truthfully.  I know it’s true.

You see beneath the surface  You can see

the hearts and souls of people and of things,

and you can see this painting has a soul.

I’ll tell you something I don’t often tell

my clients.  Most of this is crap.  But this

one, in a couple years, believe me, you

could sell for ten times what I’m asking.  He’s

an up and comer.  Look at his reviews.

And when you’re got it hanging on your wall

and throw a party introducing it

your friends will envy you.  I know they will.

You won’t be sorry.  Let me write it up.

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