A Successful Grafting Season

It’s been a couple months so probably

the grafts have either taken or they’ve failed.

I know the Dapple Dandy apricot

has failed to take.  And once again the nectarines

and peaches were a total waste of time.

I know you bud graft later in the spring

with nectarines and peaches.  Yes I know

but still there was a chance that they would take.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if the grafts have failed

on half the trees.  On half the trees they took,

and anyway the end result’s the same.

It’s like the lottery.  You pay and play

to dream.  You don’t expect you’re gonna win.

But still until the numbers are announced

there is a chance, however slight, you will.

A couple bucks is the admission price

to hours and days of fantasies and dreams.

It isn’t that I need another tree.

It’s all about the castles in the sky,

the dreams, imagining the warm, ripe fruit

I pick and eat while standing underneath

a tree that’s only there because of me.

It doesn’t matter if a graft has failed.

The only thing that matters are the dreams.

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