It Isn’t Armageddon Yet

It isn’t Armageddon.  So?  So What?

The lilacs blooming in the Spring are worse.

Remember Eliot’s disdain, disgust

about them growing when the land is dead?

Forget about the lilacs.  Anyway

it’s not about the lilacs.  They are just

a metaphor, a blazing semaphore

at sea.  I know I’m mixing metaphors.

That’s not the point.  The point is it’s about

the . . . . Now you’ve got me all confused again.

It isn’t Armageddon.  Yes, I know

it’s been already said.  Don’t interrupt.

It isn’t Armageddon.  It’s about. . . .

I don’t care that you think that it’s about.

It isn’t what you think.  That isn’t it

at all.  That really isn’t it at all.

Just let me finish.  Would you, just for once?

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