Unrequited Lust

I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.
But still, I am. There really ought to be
a way to cram another book in here.
I mean, I’m not a hoarder like you see
on television. All I have are books
and not a lot when you consider. Think
about the universities that have
a million volumes sitting on their shelves;
or cities, towns, municipalities,
I mean the podunk towns and not the big
metropolises. Not New York, L.A.,
or even Sacramento or Duluth.
I mean the dinky places, towns like Weed,
Azusa, Paso Robles. Even there
they have a lot more books than I have here.
And no one ever calls them hoarders, calls
for them to rent a dumpster, clear the crap.
It isn’t that I have too many books.
I simply need more room to put more shelves.

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