The Loathly Lady

Loathly Lady-new web

A common story, it’s a sleeze-ball tale.
A handsome knight, a rapist, is set free
and then instead of punished get a wife
who’s young and beautiful: a sleeze-ball tale
that happens every day. But there’s a part,
the loathly lady part, that draws me in.
You’ve got this woman, everyone agrees
is loathly, loathsome, ugly through and through
and drop-dead gorgeous when she wants to be.
And is, supposedly, intelligent.
And so, I wonder, why she’d want a jerk,
a pretty face that hides a loathsome soul?
So is she loathsome, not because her looks
are loathsome but because she doesn’t care
about an innocent that was defiled?
Is she a mirror to her rescued knight?

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