Saving the World

It’s time to mow the lawn again. I guess.

I mowed it just a couple weeks ago.

Or has it been a month since it was mowed?

I can’t remember just exactly when

it was, but one thing’s certain. It is time

to mow the lawn again. Or maybe not.

There’s California poppies in the lawn

and they’re protected. I could go to jail

if someone were to catch me mowing them.

And is it worth it? Should I take the chance?

If I’m in jail the lawn will not be mowed

so why not leave it just the way it is?

Besides, it’s ecological. It is.

When it’s unmowed, it is a carbon sink.

I’m helping save the world from climate change.

I should be thanked and emulated, praised.

The land’s returning to its native roots.

I’m bringing back diversity to what

was just monotonous sterility.

There’s life, a living planet just outside

that would be lost if I would mow the lawn.

And so I won’t. Besides, I’m out of gas.

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