It’s Been Four Days

I planted them almost a week ago

and nothing, not a single seed as grown.

It’s not as if I think there should be fruit

that’s ready to be eaten. After all

it’s only been a week, but shouldn’t there

be something poking out? A single leaf

from just one seed? Is that too much to ask?

I don’t expect a bean stalk overnight.

It’s not that I’m impatient but you see

it’s almost been a week. But nothing. Zilch.

I could have built the bloodyTaj Mahal

and flown to Mars or to Uzibeckistan

in half the time the seeds are taking. Grow!

I’ll never have tomatoes. Grow! Hello,

you only have one single thing to do,

so do it! Get your lazy butts in gear.

I am not asking for the moon you know.

I’m only asking for a single leaf.

It’s been almost a week so come on, grow!

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