Never Satisfied

I have this etching press I want to sell.

It works. It does the job. It’s just too big.

It doesn’t fit. My studio’s too small.

I had this fantasy of making big,

gigantic prints. Prints two by three or four

and so I bought it. Bought this monstrous press

that’s capable of making monstrous prints

instead of prints a couple inches long.

But have I made these giant, monstrous prints?

My prints are just the size they always were,

And I am stuck with this gigantic press

and need to trade it for a smaller one.

For instance, in New Zeeland there’s a guy

who’s making presses that I’m sure will fit

just perfectly into my studio.

Besides, they’re beautiful. The one I have

is rugged, but it’s just industrial

and big. I should have kept my little press.


Imagine you are Alice when she’s small,

and there is a behemoth, a machine

malevolent, with giant cylinders,

that slowly grinds you till you’re paper thin’

Well that is me and that’s my giant press.


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