Figgy Pudding

The perfect figgy pudding needs a cook

who throws away the recipe and dreams.

Imagine if you will a Thailand fig

that’s redolent with spices, elephants,

monsoonal rains; and cross it with a fig

from Italy, Sardinia perhaps,

to add the sun-drenched beaches, narrow streets,

oregano, and Homer’s wine-dark sea.

Now there would be a fig to dream about,

a fig dessert to end a perfect meal.

Unfortunately, with a recipe

you take a bunch of mashed up figs

and add some bread forgotten in the frig.

Then dump a bunch of sugar in and mix

and bake or fry, it doesn’t matter which,

or boil it pretending it’s a treat,

pretending what you’ve got will be as good

as plump-ripe figs directly from the tree.

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