Taking Notes

Another meeting. It’s important, and

I can’t be seen just staring so take notes!

I wonder if I can remember more

than twenty lines about the moon. Take notes.

Pretend you’re listening. There’s Juliet,

or was it Romeo who talks about

the constant moon, but he’s a kid

who kills himself and her. And then there’s Frost

who has a housewife or her husband watch

to see if clouds will hit or miss the moon

as if the clouds are some galactic clouds

that just so happen to be floating by,

and if they hit they will dissolve the moon.

And don’t forget the silver moon. “Shine on” . . .

but I forget. It doesn’t matter. Wait,

it’s “By the sea, by the sea, by the” . . . No.

That’s from another song. I’ve got it wrong.

Well Eliot and Prufrock, “Let us go

through certain half-deserted street.s” There’s got\

to be a moon there hidden in the fog.

Well look at this. I’ve filled the page with notes

about the moon. There’s room for one more note

before the meeting’s over so the moon,

and eyes and pizza pies will finish up

the meeting and the page. It’s time for lunch.

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