In Response to a Rather Snarky Comment

“A pint’s a pound the world around” of course.

It’s something everybody knows is true.

Except it’s false. It isn’t true at all.

You’ve heard about the cookie and the mouse

and unintended consequences? Well,

I am a waffle maker. (Just hold on.

There is a point to this. I promise you

there’s one.) and have a mill to grind my wheat

so I am really using whole wheat flour

unlike the partial whole wheat flour you buy

that only has the endosperm and bran.

The point is when I grind a pint of wheat

the pint of the flour that results weights less

because you get three cups of flour when you

grind up a pint of wheat. And if you weigh

them notice, neither one will weigh a pound.

You’ll only get a pound when measuring

a pint of water. Measure olive oil

or automotive oil, new and used.

Or measure out a pint of rocks and brains,

and tell me once again a pint’s a pound.

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